Yalla restaurant

Restaurant Hatam - Sahara

Sharjah Nahda Park, Food Court, Level 2, Sahara Mall, Al Nahda, Sharjah


Home delivery of Kebab, Chicken in Sharjah Nahda Park

Daily Dish

Zereshk Polo-Ba-Morgh

Baked chicken cooked in tomato paste, served with white rice and topped Persian pomegranate seeds (barberry).

Baghla Polo

Lamb or chicken cooked over a slow fire served with rice mixed with fresh broad beans.


Boneless lamb with fresh tomato and okra cooked in tomato paste and served with rice.
+ 4


Bottle Watermelon Juice



+ 88


Fruit Cocktail

Watermelon, banana, avocado, strawberry, mango.

Fresh Juices

Mineral Water

+ 5


Ice Cream Bastani

Falooda Shirazi


Feta Cheese

Yoghurt Plain


+ 2


White Rice

Biryani Rice

Rice with Beans

+ 1

Grilled & Fried Fish

Fried Shrimp

2 skew, 4 pcs in each skew, yoghurt, and salad on side.

Grilled Shrimp

2 skew, 4 pcs in each skew, yoghurt, and salad on side.

Fish Fillet Fried

5 pcs bread cramps.
+ 2

Meat & Chicken Grills

Kabab Sultani

1 skew minced kabab, 1 skew kabab steak served with yoghurt and salad on side.

Kabab Steak

1 skew served with yoghurt and salad on the side.

Minced Kabab

2 skew served with yoghurt and salad on the side.
+ 19

Hot Appetizers & Soup


Mashed fried egglant, white sauce (kask sauce), mint powder, fried onion, galic, wall nuts, olive oil.

Fried Kubba

5pcs borgol,minced meat (lamb), pine nuts serve with french fries,lettuce,lemon,carrots on side.


Arabic bread with lamb meat.
+ 3

Cold Appetizers & Salads

Mixed Salad

Tabuleh (parsley, tomato, borgol, onion), hommus (chick pea, tahinna ,olive oil,salt,a piece of garlic), fattoush (lettuce,cucumber,pomegranate,lemon,olive oil,sumac powder,fresh mint,fried bread,onion), moutabal (mashed eggplant).


Mashed eggplant.


Chick peas, tahinna, salt, piece of garlic, olive oil.
+ 6

Home delivery in United Arab Emirates

Hatam - Sahara deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.