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Home delivery of Burgers, Noodles, Pasta in Umm Suqeim 2


Peach Tea 26.25 AED

Perfectly sweet yet refreshing fresh peach infused iced tea.

Coke 10.50 AED

Coke Light 10.50 AED

+ 4


Extraordinary Açai 53.55 AED

Super rich frozen acai palm fruit sourced from Brazil served in a glass, choose your favorite toppings and sauce.

Layers of Heaven Açai 55.65 AED

Unparalleled layer of Rich peanut butter & Acai served in a glass, choose your favorite toppings and sauce.

Trio Rio Açai 59.85 AED

Trio of peanut butter, Acai and coconut powder served in a glass, choose your favorite toppings and sauce


Chino Mie Chicken 32.55 AED

Chino mie chicken.

Chino Mie Veggies 29.40 AED

Chino mie veggies.

Indo Mie Biryani 30.45 AED

Indo mie biryani.


Xbox 168.00 AED

2 chicken slider 2 beef slider 2 chicken samoon 2 spicy beef samoon 1 mix fries tossed in fajita seasoning, cheese sauce and 1 churos topped with Nutella and kinder sauce.

Grill Your X 126.00 AED

6 portion of bun, beef patty, slices cheese, fresh and picked veggies.


Cheese Sauce 3.15 AED

Ranch Sauce 3.15 AED

Dynamite Sauce 3.15 AED

+ 9


NYC 1933 27.30 AED

I don't like tomatoes, do you? Exactly! And can I have my onion rings fried? Ketchup mayo.

Chetta 29.40 AED

Long awaited Cheetos slider with sweet sour and spicy Asian mango salsa and Cheetos crumbs, Ketchup mayo.

OG Chix 23.10 AED

Tender juicy crispy fried to perfection chix slider with pickles and house sauce, ketchup mayo.


Lebnani 26.25 AED

Home spiced chicken, Lebanese inspired sauce, rocca leaves and pomegranate, chicbae sauce.

Mexici 25.20 AED

Not for the weak-hearted home special chicken, a really spicy sauce and chili, spicy sauce.

Dyna Beef 34.65 AED

Chicken Burger

Dynamite Shawarma 40.95 AED

Everything taim loves in a burger was put together just for you, pickled jalapenos, fried onions, garlic mayonnaise, dynamite sauce and edan chips, dynamite sauce and garlic mayo.

Fransisco 40.95 AED

Uae paratha in burger-oman chips. Kraft cheese, spicy sauce, lettuce , and crispy fried chicken, spicy sauce.

Crunchy Classico 32.55 AED

Crispy chicken, lettuce, pickles and mayonnaise, mayonnaise.


The "Not" So Skinny Salad 32.55 AED

Black lemon shawarma chicken with fiery ceasar dressing, lettuce, croutons fried pita bread creamy caesar dressing.


Classic Levantine dish Make Over: Hodge-Podge of Deep Fried Noodles, Warm Chickpeas, Yoghurt-Tahini Sauce & Fresh Pomegrenate.

Shawarma x Salad 57.75 AED

Shawarma Spiced Pulled Chicken tossed with fresh mix lettuce, toasted arabic bread, pickled veggies, musakhan dressing and garnsihed with potato stix & sumac.


Peach Tea


Coke Light

+ 3


Cheese Fries (Cup'N'Go) 38.85 AED

Salted fries topped with gooey american cheese sauce, and choose any drink you like.

Fries (Cup'N'Go) 32.55 AED

Fries salted fries and choose any drink you like.

Shrimp (Cup'N'Go) 54.60 AED

Our take on the ever famous fried shrimp and choose any drink you like.
+ 2


Aloo Emirati 47.25 AED

Taim's favorite combinations, mashed potato - Indian style - stuffed with chicken, topped with melted cheese, potato sticks, corn, mushroom and jalapenos,creamy Caesar dressing.

Chic Pops 22.05 AED

Our kind of golden chicken bites.

Tabasco-Rise 32.55 AED

Home made fries tossed in cheese, jalapeno, sour and spicy tabasco sauce"Tabasco sauce.
+ 11

Beef Burger

It Burger 45.15 AED

A secret sauce and a favorite filling with an awesome toppings, do the maths bacon sauce.

Classico Burger 32.55 AED

Home style USDA beef patty, american cheese, lettuce, onion and tomatoes and not to forget a ketchup mayonnaise, ketchup mayo.

Trip To Istanbul 59.00 AED

Turkish spiced double kofta patty layered between Kashvakal and Cheddar cheese, along with slice of Pastrami, caramelized onions, grilled to perfection on a fluffy toasted potato bun, served with in-house spice blend Crinkle fries inspired from taim's turkish family friends.

Pasta and Main Course

Con-Chi-Mush Pasta Chicken 51.45 AED

Mixed of mushrooms, chicken, grilled street corn, cheese in a secret spicy pink sauce pink sauce.

Saffran Rossito 55.65 AED

Saffron pink risotto served with pink sauce and grilled chicken breast, pink sauce.

Home delivery in United Arab Emirates

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