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Restaurant Sumo Sushi \u0026 Bento - Silicon Oasis

Silicon Oasis, Le Solarium Tower Shop # G10 \u0026 11


Home delivery of Sushi, Seafood in Silicon Oasis


No Sugar

Brown Rice

With Egg

+ 233

Cold Beverage

Iced Tea

Choice of flavor mint, green tea, passion fruit, kiwi, lemon and raspberry. With extra or no sugar available. With straw.


With or without straw option available.

Acqua Panna

With or without straw option available.
+ 8

Very Veggie

Avocado Maki أفوكادو ماكي

Avocado wrapped in sushi rice and surrounded with nori. Option to make less rice available.

Kappa Maki كابا ماكي

Cucumber wrapped in sushi rice and surrounded with nori. Option to make less rice available.

Vegetarian Fried Rice أرز مقلي للنباتيين

Stir-fried rice mixed with vegetables and egg.
+ 5


Yakisoba ياكيسوبا

Stir-fried noodles with shrimp, chicken, and vegetables.

Yaki Udon

Stir-fried noodles with shrimp, chicken, and vegetables

Platters and Trays

Akebono Special

Select cuts of tuna, local whitefish, salmon, shrimp, squid, and tamago nigiri with shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, and california rolls (30 pieces)

Chef's Special Tray طبق الشيف الخاص

Our finest selection of sashimi, nigiri and sushi rolls (40 pcs).

Musashimaru Special ماساشيمارو

A fresh selection of maguro sashimi, sake sashimi, maguro nigiri, sake nigiri, musa tuna roll, and musa salmon roll (36 pieces).
+ 2


Sumo Fried Rice Special ارز محمر على طريقة سومو

Our famous stir-fried rice with shrimp, chicken, and vegetables.

Vegetable fried rice

Stir fried mixed with vegetables and egg vegetables.

Poke Bowls

Cali Poke كالي باول

Rice bowl topped with crabstick, avocado, cucumber and mayo.

Samurai Poke ساموراي بوك

A bed of rice layered with shrimp tempura and salmon then topped with crabstick salad, avocado, creamcheese, and spicy mayo.

Duke Poke Bowl

A poke bowl inspired by Hawaii’s most famous Surfer "Duke Kahanamoku", comes with your choice of rice or garden greens layered under cuts of salmon, tuna and tako flavored with our special Poke Sauce. Served with seaweed, garnished with tobiko, sesame seeds and spring greens


Salmon and Avocado Temaki تيماكي السلمون والأفوكادو

Avocado and fresh salmon. White Rice.

Spicy Salmon Temaki تيماكي سلمون حار

Cucumber, spicy mayo, and salmon.

Super Cali Temaki سوبر كالى تيماكى

Avocado, crabstick, cucumber, tobiko, and mayo.
+ 2


Ebi Nigiri إيبي نيجيري

Lightly cooked shrimp.

Maguro Nigiri ماجورو نيجيري

Freshly cut tuna.

Sake Nigiri سيك نيجيري

Freshly cut salmon.
+ 1


Maguro Sashimi ماجورو ساشيمي

Fresh slices of tuna sashimi.

Sake Sashimi سيك ساشيمي

Fresh slices of salmon sashimi.

Take Sashimi تيك ساشيمي

Our popular mix of fresh tuna, salmon, white fish, squid, steamed octopus and crabstick.
+ 1


Avocado and Crabstick salad

mixed greens with a light miso dressing.

Cucumber Crabstick Salad سلطة الخيار و السلطعون

Thinly sliced cucumber and strips of crabstick, topped with tobiko and mayo.

Sumo Sashimi Salad سلطة ساشيمى حجم صغير

Slices of tuna, shrimp, salmon, crabstick and whitefish topped with a tobiko served over fresh greens with a side of sesame dressing.


Miso Soup حساء ميزو

Fresh tofu served in homemade miso broth.

Shiitake Mushroom Soup

Shiitake mushrooms served in mushroom based broth

Tomyum Soup شوربة توميوم

Classic style spicy Thai soup served with prawns and squid.
+ 1

Classic Build a bento

Build a Bento

Tempura Supreme Bento تمبورا بينتو

Crispy shrimp tempura served with a tempura soy sauce.

Nigiri Maki Bento نيغيري ماكي بينتو

Salmon, whitefish, and tuna nigiri; tuna and cucumber maki; and california rolls all served with a garden salad.
+ 3


Alaska Roll الاسكا

Smoked salmon, crabstick, and avocado mixed with mayo covered with tobiko (8 pieces).

Samurai Roll  ساموراي

Shrimp tempura and crabstick salad, lightly topped with salmon, avocado, cream cheese,mayo and spicy mayo.

Sushi Sandwich سوشي ساندويش

Fresh minced tuna & salmon mixed with crispy tempura, spicy mayo and tobiko, rolled and cut into a sandwich.
+ 17


Avocado Maguro افوكادو ماغورو

Chunks of fresh tuna and avocado served in a garlic soy sauce lightly sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Calamari Rings كالاماري

Seasoned deep fried calamari served with wasabi mayo.

Edamame - Garlic Roasted بالثوم يدامامي

Steamed soybeans, pan-seared with roasted garlic and sesame oil.
+ 10



Filled with shrimp tempura, cream cheese, asparagus, and salmon, then topped with shredded crabstick, mayo, and spicy mayo, served with shuka wakame and tobiko


Appetizing wagyu beef served with your choice of brown or white rice and surrounded by enoki, zucchini, carrots, spinach, kimchee, and bean sprouts

Home delivery in United Arab Emirates

Sumo Sushi \u0026 Bento - Silicon Oasis deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.