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Restaurant Shakespeare and Co - Silicon Oasis

Silicon Oasis, Silicon Oasis, 7 Towers Complex


Home delivery of in Silicon Oasis


Passion Fruit

Passion fruit purée, lemon juice, chia seeds, Sprite light.


Strawberry purée, lemon juice, chia seeds, Sprite light.


Coconut purée, lemon juice, chia seeds, Sprite light.


Strawberry Colada

Coconut milk, banana, pineapple, yoghurt, coconut and strawberry purée.

Beetroot Smoothie

Beetroot, banana, almond milk, chia seeds, honey.

Granola Smoothie

Granola, banana, strawberry juice, soy milk, honey.
+ 1



Chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, cream, milk.


Vanilla ice cream, vanilla syrup, cream, milk.


Strawberry ice cream, strawberry purée, cream, milk.
+ 3


Piña Colada

Pineapple juice, coconut milk, banana, coconut purée, cream.

Orange Sunset

Orange, lemon, rosemary, brown sugar, sparkling water.

Green Dragon

Green apple, kale, cucumber, celery, ginger, mint, parsley, lemon.
+ 6

Tea Selection

Earl Grey


Green Tea

+ 2


Jasmine Lotus

Scented green tea tied in a ball, which upon infusion opens to reveal a vibrant pink amaranth flower, resembling a lotus


Green tea leaves hand-sewn around a delicate chain of jasmine blossoms and a globe amaranth flower, complemented by a hint of blueberries

Moroccan Tea - small

Steeped gunpowder green tea and fresh mint leaves sweetened to your liking
+ 3


No Sugar

With Cardamom

Regular Milk

+ 111


Emirati Gahwa - Small

Emirati Gahwa - Large

Turkish Coffee

+ 10

Iced Coffee

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Option available. Double espresso, ice, caramel syrup, milk.

Chocolate Cappuccino

Option available. Double scoop chocolate ice cream, double espresso, milk.

Iced Americano

Double espresso, ice, sugar syrup.
+ 1

Soft Drinks


Coca-Cola light


+ 3

Petit Fours

100 Grams Petit Fours

Assorted petit fours.

1KG Petit Fours

Assorted petit fours.

Fresh Juices


Green Apple


+ 4


Local "Still" Water - Small

Local "Still" Water - Large

Acqua Panna "Still" Water - Small

+ 4


Monique Small

5pcs assorted macarons.

Monique Large

10pcs assorted macarons.

Coconut (1pc)

+ 2

Pound Cakes

Marble Chocolate Orange Cake

Lemon Cake

Individual Cakes

Blueberry Tart

White sable dough, almond financier biscuit bakes with blueberries, vanilla chantilly marbled with blueberry jam, fresh blueberries

Carrot Cake (Individual)

Carrot sponge biscuit, mixed fruits jelly (carrot, mango and passion fruit), whipped cream, orange cubes semi-candied and roasted caramelized hazelnut

Chocolate Mousse (Vegan)

Vegan dark chocolate mousse, almond milk, coconut milk and vegan cream. Chocolate flakes on top
+ 9

Whole Cakes (4-6)

Cheese Cake

Baked cream cheese on a digestive biscuit crust with raspberry jam


Chocolate/cranberry sponge biscuit, vanilla cremeux, amarena cherry compote, light milk chocolate mousse, light manjari dark chocolate mousse


Chocolate sponge biscuit, macaronade biscuit with chocolate mousse, praline cream and covered in dark chocolate glaze and roasted hazelnuts
+ 2

Whole Cakes (6-9)

Carrot Cake (Individual)

Carrot sponge biscuit, mixed fruits jelly (carrot, mango and passion fruit), whipped cream, orange cubes semi-candied and roasted caramelized hazelnut.


Vanilla sponge biscuit, vanilla cream and fresh strawberries.

Lemon Tart

Sable dough filled with almond cream, lemon cream and candied lemon cubes.
+ 1

Homemade Ice Cream



Vegan Coconut

Homemade Sorbets

Lemon Sorbet

Mango Sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet

+ 1


Bananas Foster

Fondant Au Chocolat

Sweet Crepes - Almond

+ 3

Main Course

Lamb Shank

Lamb shank, couscous, dry apricot, dates, green peas, sweet tagine sauce.

New York Striploin

Beef striploin, fried brussel sprouts tossed with beef bacon, sweet potato wedges and béarnaise sauce

Beef Tenderloin

Grilled beef filet, dauphinoise potatoes, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, peppercorn sauce, mushroom purée
+ 10


Hummus Toast

Beetroot hummus, capsicum, baby marrow, zucchini, edamame, sun dried tomatoes, eggplant and oregano on country bread, topped with za'atar powder, french fries

Halloumi Foccacia

Grilled halloumi cheese, labneh, tomato, cucumber, black olives, and mint leaves on focaccia bread, served with za'atar crackers.

Vegan Grilled Cheese

Fresh spinach,vegan pesto sauce, vegan cheese, country bread served with French fries.
+ 8



Quinoa seeds, mixed greens, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radish, pomegranate, spring onions, shallot confit, lemon sumac olive oil dressing.

Warm Lentil Bowl

Green lentil, cripy onions, tamarind, crispy bread, pomegranate, parsley, garlic, coriander, olive oil, lemon juice, grenadine molasses.

Caesar (Build Your Own Caesar)

Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese shavings, garlic oregano croutons, traditional caesar dressing.
+ 6

Great for Sharing

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Buffalo style chicken tenders, tomato salsa, avocado, lettuce puffs and tahina sauce.


Option available.

Mozzarella Sticks

Breaded mozzarella sticks, marinara sauce.
+ 11


Lentil (Cup)

Lentil soup with lemon juice and cripsy Lebanese bread.

Lentil (Bowl)

Lentil soup with lemon juice and cripsy Lebanese bread.

Seafood Chowder (Cup)

Creamy Boston style broth of shrimps, calamari, leek, fennel, carrots and potato topped with fresh chives.
+ 7

Breakfast Saj

Akawi Cheese Pizza

Akawi cheese.

Za'atar Pizza

Olive oil, za'atar powder, ruccola, cherry tomato, cucumber, red radish.

Breakfast Pizza

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, eggs, bacon, chicken sausages, semi dried tomato, spring onion.

Breakfast Side Item



Baked Beans

+ 10

Breakfast Specialties

Avocado and Egg Toast

Crushed avocado with tomato and jalapeño, crumbled feta, two poached eggs on country bread and srirachanaise sauce. Option available.

Egg Shakshouka

Poached eggs in onion, garlic, bell pepper and tomato sauce with chili pepper and spices (2 free toppings). Option available.

Brisket Benny

Braised short ribs, sautéed kale, on toasted country bread topped with fennel and crispy potato served with gravy-naise. Option available.
+ 12


Rigatoni Bolognese

Bolognese sauce, rigatoni pasta, parmesan cheese, basil.

Spaghetti Carbonara

Grilled chicken, turkey ham, asparagus, spicy roasted walnuts, creamy carbonara sauce.


zucchini noodle, smoked salmon, Brussel sprouts, creamy white sauce, chives.
+ 7



Mozzarella, spicy italian beef sausage, tomato sauce.

Vegan Pizza

Pesto sauce, vegan "cheese", grilled zucchini, kale, avocado, red cabbage, crispy chick peas, oregano, olive oil.

Smoked Salmon

Cream cheese, horseradish sauce, semi dried tomato, smoked salmon, chopped chives, dill leaves, onion pickles.
+ 5

Signature Burgers

Shakespeare's Burger

Beetroot, pineapple, crispy beef bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle, served with French fries, pickle and coleslaw.

Truffle Burger

Crispy beef bacon, Emmental cheese, sautéed mushrooms, truffle mayo, mixed greens, tomato, onions, pickles, served with French fries, pickle and coleslaw.

The Halloumi

grilled halloumi, sautéed jalapeños, sriracha mayo, mixed greens, tomato, onions, pickles, served with French fries, pickle and coleslaw.
+ 2

Home delivery in United Arab Emirates

Shakespeare and Co - Silicon Oasis deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.