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Home delivery of Dessert, Sandwiches, Salads in Sharjah Nahda Park


Almond Milk حليب اللوز 4.00 AED

Add Honey عسل 3.00 AED

Red Fruits فواكه الحمراء

+ 178

Beverages المشروبات

Avopassion آڨوباشون 29.00 AED

Fresh avocado, passion fruit puree, fresh apple and milk.

Bluebanana بلوبانانا 29.00 AED

Fresh blueberries, blueberry puree, fresh banana and milk.

Mango Orange Coconut مانجورينج كوكونت 29.00 AED

Fresh mango, fresh orange and coconut milk, topped with coconut flakes.
+ 31

Immunity Booster Juices

Dr. Bell Pepper 21.00 AED

Red and green bell peppers, fresh lime, lemon and soda water

Antioxidants Boost 26.00 AED

Fresh kiwi juice, coconut milk and ginger

Skin Rise 21.00 AED

Fresh carrot juice, green apple and spinach
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Desserts الحلويات

Strawberry Tart تارت فراولة 20.00 AED

Exotic Fruits Tart تارت فواكه 19.00 AED

Raspberry Tart تارت توت العليق 22.00 AED

+ 13

Cakes كيك

Duo Chocolat 18cm شوكولاته مزدوجه ١٨سم 109.00 AED

Sponge cake with layers of milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Duo Chocolat 28cm شوكولاته مزدوجه ٢٦ سم 164.00 AED

Sponge cake with layers of milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Black Forest 26cm بلاك فورست ٢٦ سم 168.00 AED

Sponge cake with layers of milk chocolate and white chocolate.
+ 7

Bakery مخبز

Chocolate Croissant كرواسون الشوكولاته 12.00 AED

Croissant كرواسون 11.00 AED

Almond Croissant كرواسون باللوز 14.00 AED

+ 9

Salads السلطات

Edamame Salmon Nicoise نيسواز مع السلمون وفول الايدامامي 66.00 AED

Mixed lettuce, green beans, baby potato, rocket, cherry tomato and olives, with lemon dressing, topped with smoked salmon, edamame and boiled egg.

Orange Citrus Shrimp روبيان مع صلصة البرتقال 69.00 AED

Poached shrimp, watercress, artichoke, heart of palm, cherry tomatoes, green beans in orange dressing.

Ceasar Salad سيزر 44.00 AED

Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese and herb toasted bread served with caesar dressing.
+ 5

Sandwiches السندويشات

Club Chicken Sandwich كلوب الدجاج 51.00 AED

Grilled chicken mixed in mustard, mayonnaise and lettuce, cornichons, avocado and tomato slices, in white pain de mie bread, served with side salad and french fries.

Turkey Sandwich حبش مدخن 42.00 AED

Smoked turkey sandwich on mustard and mayonnaise spread, cornichons, fresh tomatoes and lettuce in a polka bread, served with side salad.

Tuna Sandwich تونا 42.00 AED

Tuna mixed with mayonnaise, lettuce and fresh tomatoes in paul bread, served with side salad.
+ 9

Kids Menu قائمة الاطفال

Baked Chicken Tenders دجاج مقرمش 39.00 AED

Chicken tenders and fries served with a mini orange juice or water.

Chicken Penne Pasta White Sauce بيني باستا بالصلصة البيضاء والدجاج 39.00 AED

Macaroni and chicken with white sauce served with mini orange juice or water.

Chicken Penne Pasta Red Sauce بيني باستا بالصلصة الحمراء والدجاج 39.00 AED

Macaroni and chicken with red sauce served with mini orange juice or water.
+ 3

Vegan Menu

Smokey Eggplant Avocado Tartine 39.00 AED

Smoked grilled eggplant, avocado, and fresh tomato slices on tartine bread, pine nuts, sesame, pomegranate sauce, and side salad

Vegan Banana Bread

Fresh banana, sugar, white flour, almond milk and walnuts

Main Course الأطباق الرئيسية

Ginger Chicken Cashew Bowl دجاج بالزنجبيل والكاجو 58.00 AED

Sautéed chicken in hoisin orange sauce, cut vegetables, served with your choice of wild rice or white rice topped with sunny Side up egg.

Beef Stroganoff بيف ستروغانوف 64.00 AED

Tenderloin strips, cream, cornichon, mushrooms and onion,served with mashed potatoes, topped with potato allumette.

Chicken Cordon Bleu كوردون بلو دجاج 89.00 AED

Fried chicken breast stuffed with turkey, thyme and three cheeses served with our homemade sauces and your choice of: sautéed veggies, mashed potatoes or linguini tomato sauce.
+ 9

Starters & Soup الحساء و المقبلات

Truffle Parmesan French Fries بطاطا مقلية متبلة بزيت الكمأة 24.00 AED

French fries drizzled with truffle oil, parmesan cheese, crushed pepper and fried herbs.

French Fries بطاطا مقلية 14.00 AED

Sweet Potato Fries بطاطا حلوة مقلية 19.00 AED

+ 2

Breakfast الفطور

Halloumi Pancake بان كيك بجبن الحلوم 42.00 AED

Savoury halloumi pancake, sunny side up eggs, topped with almond dry tomato salsa, served with hollandaise sauce on the side.

Omelette Marseillaise أومليت مارسييز 42.00 AED

Omelette Club أومليت كلوب 49.00 AED

Layers of plain omelette, beef bacon, grilled fresh mushrooms and cheese, accompanied with tomato provençal, served with side salad and hash brown potato.
+ 9

Value Offers

Bundle of 6 Mixed Croissants 59.00 AED

Selection of flavours available. Available all day.

Bundle of 8 Desserts 125.00 AED

Selection of flavours available. Available starting 11:00 AM.

Bundle of 6 Mille-Feuilles 89.00 AED

Options available.
+ 2

Paul Festive Cakes

Chocolate Praline Buche 8-10 Pax 169.00 AED

Red Fruit Buche 8-10 Pax 169.00 AED

Chocolate Christmas Buche 109.00 AED

+ 7

Home delivery in United Arab Emirates

Paul Bakery \u0026 Restaurant - Sharjah deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.