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Restaurant Nom Nom Asia - DSO

Silicon Oasis, D-Tech Building, Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)


Home delivery of Ramen, Dim Sum, Noodles in Silicon Oasis


Lemon IcedTea

Peach IcedTea


+ 3


Fried Rice Chicken

Fried Rice Veg

Steamed Rice Portion


Mie Goreng Veg

Mie Goreng Chicken


Add Steamed Rice

Add Fried Rice Veg

Add Fried Rice Chicken & Egg

Stir Fry's

Nasi Goreng Chicken

Wok tossed Indonesian rice dish with diced chicken topped with a fried egg and satay stick.

Nasi Goreng Veg

Wok tossed Indonesian rice dish with veggies and tofu served with a 2 pcs veg gyoza

Kung Pao Veg and Tofu

Sweet and spicy wok-fired tofu and veggies, tossed with peanuts, veggies and chilli peppers.
+ 4

Ramen ( Hot )

Soy Glazed Roast Chicken Ramen

Beef Brisket Ramen

Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls Chicken (6 Pieces)

Spring Rolls Veg (6 Pieces)

Spring Rolls Prawns (6 Pieces)

+ 2

Siomai ( Steamed )

Siomai Chicken (6 Pieces)

Siomai Prawn on Top (6 Pieces)

Siomai Veg with Sticky Rice (6 Pieces)

+ 1

Steamed Dumplings

Gyoza Veg (6 Pieces)

Prawn Hargao Dumpling (6 Pieces)

Home delivery in United Arab Emirates

Nom Nom Asia - DSO deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.