Yalla restaurant


Home delivery of Pizza, Pasta, Tacos in Mirdif


Vegan Buffalo and Coconut Rice 75.00 AED

Crispy Chicken Tacos 75.00 AED

Chicken Tinga Tacos 75.00 AED

+ 10


Mashed Baked Potato with Gravy Sauce 35.00 AED

Risotto Warq Anab 35.00 AED

Fattoush Salad 55.00 AED

Cabbage, cucumber, tomato mint and Presley
+ 4

Breakfast Menu

Moza's Avocado on Toast 40.00 AED

Sourdough,organic tahini, organic avocado, dried cranberries.

Scrambled Avocado Toast 48.00 AED

Organic egg, organic avocado, organic sprout.

Oats 38.00 AED

Organic oats, organic coconut milk, berries, organic chia seeds, organic maple syrup, almond butter, caramelized banana.


Vegan Karak Tea 23.00 AED

Home delivery in United Arab Emirates

Moza's Kitchen - Mirdif deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.