Yalla restaurant


Home delivery of Chicken, Pizza, Pasta in The Palm

Hot Drinks

Espresso 10.00 AED

Cappuccino 14.00 AED

Gourmet Coffee 29.00 AED

+ 4





+ 43

Cold Drinks

Pepsi 6.00 AED

Small, medium or large.

Water 5.00 AED

Orange Juice 12.00 AED

Small, medium or large.
+ 4


Tiramisu 26.00 AED

Apple Pie 16.00 AED

Lemon Tart 16.00 AED

+ 3

Menu Kids

Margerita Pizza 26.00 AED

Margerita pizza served with steel water or mini fresh orange juice.

Pasta 26.00 AED

Classic, bolognese or pollo funghi pasta Served with water or mini fresh orange juice.


Salmone 48.00 AED

Smoked Salmon Panini served with french fries and soft drink

Chicken 48.00 AED

4 Formaggi 48.00 AED

+ 2

Finger Food

Cheesey (6) 30.00 AED

Onion Rings (7) 14.00 AED

Goat Cheese (3) 36.00 AED

+ 2


Carbonara 45.00 AED

Bacon, liquid cream and egg.

Bolognese 45.00 AED

Tomato sauce, minced meat, onions, Italian spices and garlic.

Pollo Di Funghi 42.00 AED

Liquid Cream, Chicken and mushrooms.
+ 7


Margherita 29.00 AED

Tomato, mozzarella and basil.

Regina 34.00 AED

Tomato, mozzarella, ham and mushroom.

Napoletana 31.00 AED

Tomato, mozzarella, anchovy and black olives.
+ 14


Insalata Di Mista 38.00 AED

Mixed greens, cucumber, green peppers, feta cubes, parsley, capers and olive oils.

Caprese 40.00 AED

Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basilco and olive oil.

Ceasar Salad 40.00 AED

Chicken breast, romaine lettuce, cucumber, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, crunchy croutons, olive oil with creamy ceasar dressing.
+ 1

Home delivery in United Arab Emirates

L'Italia Restaurant - The Palm deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.