Yalla restaurant


Home delivery of Ice Cream, Dessert in Sharjah Nahda Park

For The Not So Kool!

Bottled Drinking Water 4.25 AED





+ 68

The Royal Orchard Fruit Blends

Royal Greens 17.00 AED

A lime/ lemon mint cooler.

The Orange Grove 18.00 AED

A tangy orange and lemon drink.

Love Pines 18.00 AED

Pineapple and a hint of mint.

Kul Coffee

Irish Kul Coffee 19.00 AED

Creme Brulee Kul Coffee 19.00 AED

Toffee Kul Coffee 19.00 AED

+ 3

Mughal Countryside- Simple Pleasure

Mango Frappe 15.75 AED

Banana Frappe 14.75 AED

Sapota Frappe (Chikku) 15.75 AED

+ 6

The Great Kulfi Sheikhs!

Mystical Garden 19.00 AED

A silky smooth medley of our favourite kulfi flavours with farm fresh milk.

Paradise Garden 19.00 AED

A blend of fresh seasonal fruits and kulfi.

Shalimar Bagh 19.00 AED

The incomparable marriage of strawberry and kulfi.
+ 7

Southern Treats

Jigarthanda 15.75 AED

A sweet dessert with goodness of china grass, rabadi and kulfi with a tinge of nanari syrup.

Gud Bud 22.50 AED

Vanilla kulfi with fresh fruits and dry fruits.

Kulfilicious Specials

Sultani Falooda 21.00 AED

Fresh fruits and 1 flavour of kulfi of your choice, rabadi, rose syrup, jelly and nuts, whipped cream on top.

Royal Kulfi Falooda 22.50 AED

3 Flavours of kulfi of your choice, rabadi, rose syrup, jelly and nuts.

Add Ons!

Fruits 6.50 AED

Nuts 6.50 AED

Syrup 4.25 AED

+ 4

Our Royal Selection

Dilhi 18.00 AED

A sinful combination of chocolate, rasins and cashew.

Fatehpur-Sikri 18.00 AED

Royal flavors of saffron and pistachio.

Agra 18.00 AED

A combination of saffron and almond flavors.
+ 6

From the Imperial Kitchen

Aamgir- Mango 10.50 AED

Badampana- Almond 10.50 AED

Banarasipaan- Paan 10.50 AED

+ 27

The Refreshing Streams- Natural

Orange 17.00 AED

Watermelon 17.00 AED

Mango 19.00 AED

+ 2

Home delivery in United Arab Emirates

Kulfilicious - Al Nahda deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.