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Home delivery of Burgers, Bbq in South Barsha Arjan


Coca Cola 5.00 AED

Sprite 5.00 AED

Water 3.00 AED


Cheetos 3.00 AED

Make it 8 Pcs 8.00 AED

Make it 8 Pcs 6.00 AED

+ 73


Fries 9.00 AED

Cheese Fries 16.00 AED

Spicy Fries 9.45 AED


Mozarella Sticks - 6 Pcs موزيريلا ستكيس 21.00 AED

Chicken Dynamite 6 Pcs كرات دجاج مسحب مع صوص الديناميت 22.00 AED

Dynamite Shrimps 6 Pcs داينامت شرمب 27.00 AED

+ 3

Steak Burger

First Class برجر ستيك دجاج بالفطر 27.00 AED

Mushroom Steak مشروم ستيك برجر 27.00 AED

Chicken Burger

Classic Crispy كرسبي كلاسيك 27.00 AED

Lahab لهب 29.00 AED

Grilled Chicken جريلد تشيكن 27.00 AED

+ 2

Beef Burger

Inside Out إنسايد آوت 32.00 AED

Flames فليمز 29.00 AED

Old School اولد سكول 27.00 AED

+ 1

Best Selling

Manhattan Burger برجر مانهاتن 29.00 AED

Enjoy a crispy piece of fried fresh chicken, fresh turkey piece, topped with melted cheese, lettuce, and our special manhattan sauce

Jb Burger جي بي برجر 27.00 AED

Delicious grilled double angus beef patties, served with our special jb sauce, american cheese, sliced ​​tomatoes and lettuce.

Inside Out إنسايد آوت 32.00 AED

100% fresh double angus beef, grilled and stuffed with melted cheese served with a special burger sauce.
+ 2

New Items

Chicken Strips 35.00 AED

5 Pieces Chicken Strips, Fries, Dynamite Sauce And Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo Burger 29.00 AED

Enjoy our new big crispy fresh chicken, with the amazing buffalo sauce, lettuce and american cheese

Texas 33.00 AED

‏Freshly grilled beef steak burger, stuffed with cheese and JB special sauce, topped with fresh onions, mushrooms and green pepper.
+ 1


BBQ Box 8 Pieces

BBQ Patty's, Bread Packet, Vegetables, Cheese, Special Sauce, Salt And Pepper Mix.

BBQ Box 4 Pieces

BBQ Patty's, Bread Packet, Vegetables, Cheese, Special Sauce, Salt And Pepper Mix.


Special Offer 45.00 AED

1 just burger sandwich , 1 dynamite fries.

Sharing Box 128.00 AED

Box contains jb burger, inside out burger, manhattan crispy burger, manhattan spicy burger, a choice of 6 pieces dynamite shrimp or dynamite chicken and french fries with 3 sauces jb sauce, dynamite sauce and alamo cheese sauce.

Mix Starters For 2 49.00 AED

Chicken wings 3 pieces, dynamite chicken 3 pieces, cheese bites 4 pieces, cheese jalapeno 4 pieces, with dynamite sauce, and cheese sauce.

Home delivery in United Arab Emirates

Just Burger - Al Barsha - Al Barsha South deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.