Yalla restaurant


Home delivery of Burgers in Oud Al Mateena West


Mountain Dew 5.00 AED

Pepsi 5.00 AED

Water 3.00 AED

+ 3


Oreo Milk Shake 39.00 AED

Lotus Milk Shake 39.00 AED

Nutella Milk Shake 38.00 AED

+ 1

Special Drinks

Barcelona 36.00 AED

Special mix of pomegranate and grapes.

Monesh 36.00 AED

Special drink made with fresh pineapple and orange.

Diet 36.00 AED

Pomegranate, orange and pineapples.
+ 1


Nutella Crepe 38.00 AED

Kinder Crepe 48.00 AED

Lotus Crepe 38.00 AED

Sketch Fresh

Sketch Mix 38.00 AED

Combination of fresh avocado vanilla with nuts.

Bombshell 38.00 AED

Fresh sweet melon, mango mixed with secret sketch ingredients.

Volcano 40.00 AED

A secret mixture blended with fresh avocado with crushed pistachio topping.
+ 5


Classic Fries 18.00 AED

Cheesy Fries 28.00 AED

Dynamite Fries 34.00 AED

+ 1


Classic Hot Dog 28.00 AED

Hot dog, ketchup, yellow mustard.

Cheesy Hotdog 35.00 AED

Hot dog, cheese sauce, smoky sauce.


Add Pickles 2.00 AED

Add Dynamite Sauce 5.00 AED

6 Pcs

+ 12


Sketch Burger 48.00 AED

Special sauce, beef, tomato, lettuce, cheese.

Hungers Special Burger 58.00 AED

Special sauce, double beef, tomato, lettuce, cheese.

Grilled Chicken Burger 48.00 AED

Special sauce, mayonnaise, grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese.
+ 9

New Arrivals

Super Crispy Dynamite Chicken 50.00 AED

6 pcs or 8 pcs.

Mexican Cheetos Beef Burger 58.00 AED

Hot Dog Overloaded 44.00 AED

+ 1


Dynamite Shrimps 44.00 AED

Dynamite sauce, shrimps, cabbage.

Dynamite Chicken 40.00 AED

Dynamite sauce, chicken.

Mozzarella Sticks 20.00 AED

Choice of 3, 6 or 9 pieces.

Home delivery in United Arab Emirates

Hala Sketch Burger Cafe - Oud Al Mateena West deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.