Yalla restaurant

Restaurant Brown Brick Cafe - Sahara Centre

Sharjah Nahda Park, 1st Floor, Sahara Centre, Food Court


Home delivery of Crêpe, Sandwiches, Salads in Sharjah Nahda Park


Halloumi Salad

Mixed veggie,topped with halloumi cheese cubes.

Quinoa Salad

Mixed veggie, avocado and quinoa.

Smoked Salmon Salad

Mixed veggie, capers, lemon and salmon.



With Strawberry, Banana, Berries, Kiwi, Mini Pancake and Cookies

Add Berries (Per Scoop)

+ 66

Sandwiches Ala Minute


Turkey ham, white cheese and veggie.


Scrambled egg, cheese and veggie.

Cheese and Zaatar

Cream cheese, dry za’atar and veggie.
+ 3

Fresh, Skillet - Baked Brownies

Hot Marble Brownies

Marble brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Fondue

Milk Fondue

White Fondue

Dark Fondue

BB Pancake

Baby Cakes (for Sharing)

Mini size pancakes with berries and chocolate sauce.

Mary Berry

Vanilla pancakes with berries, honey and chocolate.

Choco Chuck

Chocolate pancakes with strawberry, chocolate sauce and cereals.

Savory Waffle Fries

Cheesy Waffle Fries

Topped with cheddar cheese sauce.

Cheesy Za’atar Fries

Topped with cream cheese and dry za’atar.

Waffle Fries Line

Fries and Chocolate

Waffle fries with chocolate dip of your choice.

Caramel Speculoos

Waffle fries topped with speculoos biscuits and lotus sauce.

Bubble Waffle Line


Marshmallow, oreo cookies and ice crem filled bubble waffle.

Cereal Nutella Pops

Bubble waffle with hazelnut spread, chocolate, cereal and ice cream.

Fruity Forest

Berries, fruit, chocolate and ice cream.

Signature Crepe Line

Saffron Crunch

Crepe with crunchy saffron filling and pistachios.

Banana Pudding

Bavarian cream vanilla biscuits and banana.

Omani Crepe

White cream cheese filling with crushed omani chips.
+ 4

Make Your Own

Crepe with 3 Toppings

Crepe with 5 Toppings

Bubble Waffle with 3 Toppings

+ 1

Bakery Line

Granola Cookie Bars

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brown Brick Banana Pudding

Vanilla pudding with vanilla biscuits and banana.
+ 11

Home delivery in United Arab Emirates

Brown Brick Cafe - Sahara Centre deliver your meals as quickly as possible. Ask the restaurant if they have take out orders.